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Advice & Guidance Citizens Rights

Citizens Advice West Berkshire


Once on the website people need to search by using Ukrainian.  It includes bringing a family member to the UK, offering to let someone stay with you and Visa information.  We can offer general advice over all subject areas including employment, debt, family and benefits.


Our Carers Advice Service can be contacted on 01635 516609  to discuss disability benefits and other support that is available.

Our main contact number is 01635 5166055 and clients can leave a short message about the issue that they need help with and we will call them back.

There will be cases when we will need to see people face to face in order to use our translation services and an appointment will be available as soon as possible.

We have access to Pro Bono solicitor’s advice and we can be contacted on 01635 516605 in order for us to discuss this with clients.

We are open on Monday and Wednesday 9.30-3.30, Tuesday 9.30-12.30.


Our Carers advice team is available on Tuesday and Thursday as well and we are closed on Friday.  This does not mean that clients will not receive help but that they should contact the National Advice line Service on 0800 144 8848.

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