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Emergency Food Support

West Berkshire Foodbank supports local people with emergency food and compassionate, practical support if you are in financial need.

Please call the Crisis Foodline on 01635 760560 Monday-Friday 8am-6.30pm excluding Bank Holidays. 

When you call, you only answer simple questions regarding current crisis, there is no means-testing.Providing 7-day nutritionally balanced food parcels delivered discreetly to your home address. We can accommodate food allergies, dietary and religious requirements. Also essential non-food items on request. (nappies, pet food, toiletries etc). West Berks Foodbank provide dignified support and work hard to signpost people to agencies that can help with long-term issues to prevent people from needing to use food banks.

Fran Chamings - Foodbank Manager  07836500610

Volunteers at Food Bank
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