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Furniture & Recycling


Community Furniture Project

The Community Furniture Project will provide practical support to Ukrainian guests and their hosts which will include:


  • Loan of furniture and other household items needed in order to enable Ukrainian guests to occupy accommodation they are offered. The loan will be made to the owner or primary tenant of the premises. The loan will be for the duration of the guests stay at the home after which the items will be returned to CFP. Delivery and collection of items will be carried out free of charge by CFP.

  • Where homeowners prefer to purchase the items they will be offered the full discount price.

  • Where Ukrainian guests are staying with family members CFP will provide any additional household items that are needed free of charge subject to the host members of the family meeting the CFP’s Essential Household Goods Scheme eligibility criteria.

  • Where transport of large items is required by homeowners in order to prepare premises for the arrival of the guests, CFP will provide a vehicle and crew to complete the move (this service will only be available within a 20 mile radius of Newbury).

  • Subject to availability, CFP will provide one used laptop per Ukrainian guest family.​

  • Subject to availability, CFP will provide reused bicycles for Ukrainian guests


To access these services or request further information please send an email to and include ‘UKRANIAN GUESTS’ in the subject headline.

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